Distinguished Biographee of Marquis Who's Who, 2018 

Carole Eisner Award for Sculpture for "Sunrise", 55th Annual Art of the Northeast juried Exhibition, May-June 2004

After receiving a B.A. (1957) from Amherst College and a M.A. (1960) and PhD. (Geology, 1962) from Columbia University, I was employed as a Research Scientist, first at Brookhaven National Laboratory for four years beginning in 1962, and then at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory in Cambridge, MA from 1966-1974.

My research studies included: (1) detection of cosmic dust in ocean sediments; (2) meteorite and lunar rock analyses for rare gas nuclides; (3) the determination of the rate of continental drifting in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Grants for these studies were funded by the Smithsonian Institution, NASA for lunar rock analyses of the Apollo 12, 14 and 15 missions and by the National Geographic Society for the Ethiopian Rift Valley Expedition.

In 1974, I founded Megrue Microanalytical Systems with the purpose of further developing techniques for analyzing small quantities of materials by laser irradiation and detection of the volatilized components by mass spectrometry. This was an outgrowth of a microanalytical technique which I previously developed and used in the analyses of meteorites and lunar rocks. This technique was awarded a patent letter in 1971.

In 1976, I began studying sculpture and drawing at the Silvermine Art School and continued this for many years. Mentors who had strong influences on me were: Robert Reed (Yale University) and Jose de Creft (The Arts Students League, NY). In 1995, Mark Prent showed me how to cast human figures using fiberglass and nontoxic binders.

Since 1976, my work has been presented at numerous juried group exhibitions at the New Canaan Society for the Arts and at the Silvermine Guild Galleries.

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Married to Suzanne Jacobsen in 1958. Children: George R., Katherine D., Karen L., and Kevin S. He has 12 grandchildren.